How Yesteryear Bollywood Women Rocked The Iconic White Shirt – An Album

How Yesteryear Bollywood Women Rocked The Iconic White Shirt – An Album

Battling all odds, the female stars of vintage Bollywood ruled on and off the silver screen with their unparalleled acting, magical expressions and of course, their impeccable sense of style.
The white shirt might be an iconic facet of fashion now. But it was these women who donned the attire with such elan that it kicked off a fashion revolution.

For the average Indian woman at home, spotting Madhubala Or Nargis on Page 3 killing it in white shirts and trousers was like a revelation – their own ticket to reproduce the look on a vacation with the husband or a sneaky photoshoot.

The ever vivacious Nutan is pictured here at her home, relaxing with her dog while casually donning a white shirt and black trousers.

Her style statement was always on point, sometimes way ahead of her contemporaries. In a full-sleeved white shirt paired with greyish black trousers, together with the wavy Bob hairdo with side-swept bangs, Nargis looks like a true diva.

Credits: Indiatimes
This lady. Oh, this lady. Only Madhubala knows how to turn a formal outfit like the white shirt and trousers into a fashion statement with just a candid smile. Her hair carelessly caresses her face as she steers clear of make-up and simply sports a red lip. Can’t take our eyes off!
Credits – Pure-Elegance
Patience Cooper
She might jog your memory a little bit. One of the earliest actresses of Bollywood, Cooper shone on the screen all through the late 20s till 40s. Seen here is 25-year-old Cooper photographed in 1930, as she paired the satin white blouse with a chic pearl necklace.
Geeta Bali

Seen in a still from Naya Ghar, the ever-vibrant Geeta Bali immortalised the moment with her mystical yet mischievous glance, while dressed in angelic white.

Credits – EverybodyWiki

The gorgeous actress effortlessly introduces the oomph factor in a formal ensemble – in this dance segment from Sangam

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