‘Water For Voiceless’: Bengaluru Residents Keep 500 Water Pots To Quench the Thirst of Stray Animals in Summer

‘Water For Voiceless’: Bengaluru Residents Keep 500 Water Pots To Quench the Thirst of Stray Animals in Summer

The greatest of pleasures of life are often found in the smallest of gestures. A spirited group of Bengaluru residents proved the same when they came together Sunday for one such simple gesture – arranging water for the city’s stray animals.

As the summer arrived sooner than anticipated this year, the Tumkuru-based Water For Voiceless wasted no time in ensuring there are places for the voiceless animals to quench their thirst. They kickstarted their first event of the season in Domlur where over 500 cement pots were distributed among Domlur residents, to fill with water and keep outside their homes. Now birds, dogs, cats, puppies, cows, and even monkeys can stop by for a quick summertime drink.

Encouraging a sense of community and kindness for animals in young kids


Over 500 water pots were distributed


A Domlur family receiving a WFV pot


A stray dog enjoying a drink on a summer afternoon

With Sunday’s event, WFV revived its round-the-year efforts to ensure water for all animals, which got dialed down due to the ongoing pandemic. The event was held at Domlur’s first park for the elderly, Ajja Ajji park.

History of the Ajja Ajji Park

The venue itself is the result of the selfless work of another group of Bengaluru residents comprising of Dr. Hemant Agrawal, Mr. VK Ellango, and the anonymous collective, The Ugly Indian. They helmed the renovation of what was a dump yard into a beautiful urban park for nearly a decade and without any help from the government.




Dr. Hemant Agrawal, who lives and runs his clinic, Agrawal Healthcare, across the park was invited to the WFV event as an honorary guest. He was accompanied by representatives of the Bengaluru municipality, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

The dignitaries of the day included Mr. Randeep D, Special Commissioner BBMP in charge of SWM and Animal husbandry accompanied by eight Deputy Directors of Animal husbandry, veterinary doctors of the BBMP, AEE BBMP, the Health Inspector (JHI) of Domlur zone, and the BBMP Marshall in charge of Shanthi Nagar.

The volunteers at Water For Voiceless

You can replicate similar endeavours in your city

On the occasion, the founder of the Water For Voiceless, Sunny Jain, was honored for his non-profit’s remarkable efforts to ensure water for all. Jain and his team of volunteers at WFV were honored by the BBMP for spreading a message of kindness among citizens towards animals and birds. Mr. Ellango’s Gully Animal Rescue Foundation also honored Jain for his social work.

Adorable puppy happy to have a sip of water


Birds are super happy to have water baths now


Volunteers decorate the pots before giving them away

As the founder of WFV, Jain also runs a pharmacy of his own for a day job, while managing hours of social work. The WFV is currently distributing water pots in almost 10 cities, including Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore among others. Check out more of their work on their Instagram handle. You can also enroll as a volunteer if you want WFV to come to your city.

Water For Voiceless Instagram handle – https://www.instagram.com/waterforvoiceless/

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